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We’re making progress

I just took Georgie Girl out for a spin that wasn’t just around the block. Dang does she move. The same streets I pedaled Shelby on this morning and had to work to get to 20mph, Georgie and I zip right along hitting 25mph with a super ez pedal. She does whine and sound like… Continue reading We’re making progress


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Hey there Georgie Girl 🎶

Guess what showed up at our door? It’s Georgie Girl! Kickstarter #2. Thank you George C for the donation. She arrived almost safely in one piece. Oops! But we fixed some of it for now. Mostly cleaned up, polished and the battery is charged. That’s amazing too! Kevin, pedal powered her down the street and… Continue reading Hey there Georgie Girl 🎶


It’s in the trailer and on the road!

By Sunday night, we'll have Georgie Girl here in San Diego. With a few electrical repairs she'll be ready for the road. Just like the song says, she's gonna be a new Georgie Girl! Hey there, Georgy girl Swinging down the street so fancy-free Nobody you meet could ever see the loneliness there inside you… Continue reading It’s in the trailer and on the road!

Bike, Trike

Just Waiting….

One of the goals of Anyone Can Bike is to offer free, use of our bikes for group rides. We want anyone who wants to try to ride a bike, be able to ride a bike. With the development of eBikes and now eTrikes it can happen. I like riding a two wheeled bike, but… Continue reading Just Waiting….


ELF – PEBL – Pedalist

Well it’s happened. The Innovative solar electric ELF has competition. Now there's the PEBL and the Pedalist This is fantastic. It will kick Organic Transit, the ELF manufacturer in the tush so it’s forced to improve and advance quicker, while it makes Better Bike, the maker of the PEBL and Virtue Bike the maker of… Continue reading ELF – PEBL – Pedalist