It’s a bike repair Road Trip

It's 6pm we've worked all day. The car is packed and we're ready to go. Go where you say? Sacramento to repair an ELF trike for a 94 year old man. It does seem like a long ways to go, 536 miles to be exact just to fix a bike but he needs help. It's… Continue reading It’s a bike repair Road Trip

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Biking across the USA (does an ebike count?)

Update on @Oregonsweed and @Stumblefoot_triker. The trek across 2600 miles is daunting for any able bodied person in their 20-40’s. But these guys are way over that. Their spirit of adventure and their strength for the challenges they face is amazing.  Pedaling 40-60 miles a day, they are now over midway through Arizona. The Southern… Continue reading Biking across the USA (does an ebike count?)

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Why would you put a bike lane there?

Have you ever come across a bike lane and said why? Who in the world would put it there? Well just today I said the same thing while out pedaling. First a little background on the area. I live towards the edge of a town in San Diego, California. In the 1990's large house suburbia… Continue reading Why would you put a bike lane there?

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Overcoming Doubt and Fear

I didn't arrive in a chearleading outfit, but I definately was out to support Jeff and John who were just setting out on their Transcontinental bike ride. We some how managed to link up and find each other on Instagram. John is from Oregon and just 6 weeks ago, attemped to complete his second adventure… Continue reading Overcoming Doubt and Fear


If we go she goes.

This feature originally appeared in the April 2018 issue of Adventure Cyclist magazine. To receive nine issues a year as well as a host of other benefits, join Adventure Cycling today. Sora has visited more countries than most people. Twenty-four, for those keeping track. Having lived on the streets in her youth after a series of… Continue reading If we go she goes.

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The Bike Lane

So many cities are reworking their transit system and including more bike lanes in the plans. Bike advocates are out promoting their cause. I commend them. Something needs to be done. Narrow bike lanes in the gutter with dead animals and broken glass is not acceptable. Nor is having the bike lane directly against a… Continue reading The Bike Lane


When is it time for new bike brake pads?

Well, my little Mango colored ELF trike, "Shelby" has had grinding brakes for a short while. I kept having to adjust the tension at the handle. That should have woke me up and told me that I needed new brake pads on my ELF. But no just like so many other people I didn't bother… Continue reading When is it time for new bike brake pads?