Batteries and Battery Chargers

So you bought an ELF or any e-bike for that matter and now you’re asking why did my bike stop, the battery still has 1/2 a charge. Does it really? Probably not.

A 48 volt ebike battery is fully charged when it’s above 50 volts (closer to 54v). By the time it gets to 48v you’ve used close to 3/4 of your battery .

If it gets below 46v, your cruising on empty.

Anything lower than that you’re running on fumes.

The reason is it takes 48 volts to efficiently turn a 48v motor. It’s the same basic principle for 54v and 36v motors.

Just remember to charge your battery or you’ll be doing the walk of shame. .

But Like all things your battery charger will stop working.
It’s just a matter of time before you’ll have to change the fuse or buy a new charger.

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