Oh my broken slider

Sliders are very important on the ELF’s. The older ELF models have 4 sliders. One left Slider and One right Slider on the Motor and one left Slider and one right Slider on the rear wheel. There are two additional Sliders on the ELFs that have the Up Drive. There is on one the left and one on the right side of the NuVinci CVT.
ELF # 013 has Sliders with the rounded flange on top design. There are extra holes already drilled on the Flange where the Axle goes on to the slider. That’s right where the break happened. The original slider design has a weak stress spot. Lucky’s broken slider is the on the left side as you sit in the ELF. The Slider attaches the rear wheel Axle onto the ELF’s square tube frame.

Broken slider

Rear Wheel Removal Process.
Raise up the ELF and place on Jack Stand to remove the wheel and Sliders.

Remove the Axle Cap Nuts and the Axle Washers.
Loosen the sliders for the rear wheel and also the Motor Sliders to Slack the Chain. Push the rear wheel forward as far as it would go to slack the pedal Chain and derail it from the Pedal Ring and the NuVinci.

Undo the chains from the motor side and the pedal side of the rear wheel. After removing the Pincher type Brake Shoes and the NuVinci Cable control mechanism, you can remove the rear wheel from the Slider Axle Brackets

The extra slider was not broken but it was for the Right Side.
By Drilling an Axle Hole opposite the Channel slot on the slider and then making a square hole for the Axle Washer that keeps the Axle from spinning, made the Right Side Slider work on the Left side where it was needed.

The result was a good fit for the Left Side Slider using a Right Side Slider.

**It should be noted that just having an Axle hole and Axle Washer hole and not the slot for the Axle and Axle Washer is only feasible on one side (either Left or Right). If you try to do it on both sides it is impossible to thread the Axle, the Chains and the NuVinci Cable Controller part on to the rear wheel assembly.
Note on the NuVinci Shifter: When the NuVinci does not have the Control Cables attached, it will move its CVT to the lowest gear (the easiest to pedal). As a result, you will need to recalibrate the twist shifter once you put it back on. This also has happened to me when a shifter cable breaks.
Adjusting the Chain on the Motor side