Repairs and modifications

Patience is a virtue when it comes to repairing an  ELF.   It will test your patience and sanity, but the reward of pedaling for miles is amazing, not to mention the health benefits.

The PEBL  is new on the market. When owners start to report problems we’ll try to have the solutions here.

These pages are dedicated to you, the owners of new and innovation bikes  Check back often for updates

For many of you ELF parts needs contact BikeMan.

ELF First Aid

PEBL First Aid

How to make ELF doors

How to Tighten Bike Spokes

A simple instruction video here.

Preventing Road Flats To prevent road flats and tires just exploding in traffic, you can take a few tire safety precautions. The last thing a person wants is a blowout while pedaling at higher speeds or for that matter any speed..

Changing to a heavy duty inner tube, adding thick liners and having the tire slimed is just about the most a person can do to prevent bike flats.

Battery Chargers

What happens when you lose your battery? Don’t pedal home in the dark?

Make a night visibility flag