Bike, ELF, PEBL, recumbent

I love my ELF “Shelby” but in the rain, I wish, I had the PEBLs windshield wiper.

Living in California we don’t think about rain much. But today and all this year so far I’ve been wanting a windshield wiper for my crazy recumbent bike. I pedal an ELF by Organic Transit. It’s open and fun. But with the nasty weather we’ve been having I built side shields for it. The clear vinyl sides do a great job protecting me from the wind and rain, but oh lordy, I would love a windshield wiper.

It finally stopped misting. I’m not a fan of mist without a windshield wiper. Then it rained. Now it’s time to pedal home in traffic thankfully it stopped rainy for a while.

Better Bike the maker of the PEBL has a wiper on their bike and even though I’m not a fan of the PEBL I want their windshield wiper.

Ouch, now I want their shocks too. There’s just too many potholes!!

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