Battery Connectors

Bad Battery Connector?
If your motor keeps losing power or you can no longer attach your battery to the power cable, you might have a bad battery connector. I have found that these connectors are readily available online at Grainger

This connector needs to be replaced.
They are called: Anderson Power Connectors. The ELF has 2 versions of almost the same plug.

The Grainger number for many ELFs is Item # 3BY20. They are approx $6.50 each and the content of the package includes two replacement solder type connectors, the shell and an Assembly Sheet.

Many ELFs have the newer version of this connector. The two are not compatible. Be sure to check which version of plug you have before ordering.

The contents of the Grainger 3BY20.

With these parts, you can repair your broken Battery Power Connector and get back on the road without too much hassle

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  1. Almost forgot—-Organic Transit has used both the Anderson SB50 and the SBS50 Connectors. I think the SB50 was used prior to 2015 and the SBS50 was 2015 to now. So check and see which model you have before ordering a replacement.

    I wish Organic Transit would calm down and stick with the same components with every ELF they make. So far they have used 3 different Hub Motors, different connectors, different rear axles etc. It is like the ELF is a work in progress and people are buying ELFs that change month to month.

  2. OY VAY The Grainger Connectors are not the correct model.

    One reason why OT uses the SBS50 is they have a dent on each side of the plastic connector so they are easier to pull apart with 2 fingers.

    IF the Connectors on your ELF are BLACK you need to use ONLY Black Anderson SBS50 Power Pole Connectors. Power Poles are designed to Mate only with connectors of the same Color.

    Powerwerx in California sell the Black SBS50. You also need to specify the AWG of the wire which on my ELF is (10 AWG) and if the wire seems too small for the barrel just fold it once before inserting it into the barrel. Anderson makes a tool for crushing the barrel but mine only goes 15 to 45 AWG so I will use pliers and solder the exposed wire. Be careful you don’t flatten the Barrel….there is a seam and the barrel has to be round after being compressed.

  3. also known as Anderson Power Pole Connectors SBS50. These are 50A Connectors because the Controller is a 50A model. The SBS50 are user friendly re: designed to be pulled apart easily. Find it a bit weird the Controller is a 50A when the BMZ Battery is rated at 30A. Just means you’ll be replacing the battery sooner than if the Controller was a 30A model. As for the BMZ Battery it is Li-Mn which can catch on fire and emit smoke…..LiFePo4 is the only Battery that does not explode or catch on fire but they are heavier but will last twice as long as Li-Mn and LiFePo4 can run at 50A.

    1. Whoops forgot
      When changing Connectors use Heat Shrink Tubing (place on the wire before adding the connector) black electrical tape works too but not preferable. Any exposed wire or space where the wire enters the connector will create a short—sizzling sound followed by awful smell of burning wire covering.

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