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Rethinking the vacation

What started out as a mini vacation changed instantly. Just 2 weeks before our real road trip traveling vacation, our faithful car died . With our ELF recumbent bike nicely strapped into our trailer we were off to the mountains when the engine blew in our little old van. Some days, it just pays to… Continue reading Rethinking the vacation

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Terra Trike Safety Recall

Important Safety Recall: If you purchased a TerraTrike Rambler between May – August 2018, there is a Safety Recall for you to be aware of. TerraTrike is conducting this Fast Track recall with the CPSC (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission) to recall the Ramblers affected. No accidents or injuries have been reported; however, this recall… Continue reading Terra Trike Safety Recall

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Life on three wheels

by Neil Smith, Wheels for WellbeingLike most people, I learned to cycle as a child. I think my first bike (at age 6) had ‘Gunfighter’ printed on it, and I remember my older brother telling me that it was the fastest bike in the world (Gunfighter – Westerns), which I believed and told everybody (so… Continue reading Life on three wheels

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The Bike Lane

So many cities are reworking their transit system and including more bike lanes in the plans. Bike advocates are out promoting their cause. I commend them. Something needs to be done. Narrow bike lanes in the gutter with dead animals and broken glass is not acceptable. Nor is having the bike lane directly against a… Continue reading The Bike Lane


When is it time for new bike brake pads?

Well, my little Mango colored ELF trike, "Shelby" has had grinding brakes for a short while. I kept having to adjust the tension at the handle. That should have woke me up and told me that I needed new brake pads on my ELF. But no just like so many other people I didn't bother… Continue reading When is it time for new bike brake pads?


It’s in the trailer and on the road!

By Sunday night, we'll have Georgie Girl here in San Diego. With a few electrical repairs she'll be ready for the road. Just like the song says, she's gonna be a new Georgie Girl! Hey there, Georgy girl Swinging down the street so fancy-free Nobody you meet could ever see the loneliness there inside you… Continue reading It’s in the trailer and on the road!



Via Tadpole Rider Anyone who has been following this blog knows I had a BionX hub motor system installed on my trike and that I experienced various problems with it that BionX never got resolved to my satisfaction. Consequently I requested a full refund and got it. Dispite the problems I experienced I really liked… Continue reading ELECTRIC HUB MOTOR SYSTEM … ROUND TWO