When California almost built a bicycle superhighway

A portion of the California Cycleway in 1900. (Pasadena Museum of History) Copenhagen has been hailed for its so-called bicycle superhighways, started in 2012. But a Southern Californian had the idea more than a century earlier. It was this week in 1900 that saw the opening of the California Cycleway, an elevated wooden path designed to… Continue reading When California almost built a bicycle superhighway

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Why I want an eTrike

Written by J Figueroa As a VET, I understand that PTSD is not just about Vets, but Police, Fire, EMS, and First Responders. I can’t imagine coming to a minivan after a drunk t-boned them and a 4 year old is maimed and dead. Then going home and trying to sleep without the memory playing… Continue reading Why I want an eTrike

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Why just why?

You know it's going to be a long day when you open the freezer in the garage wondering why you can't find your jeans in the dryer. Worst part was, it took a few seconds for me to figure out what was wrong. Ugh!


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Hey there Georgie Girl 🎶

Guess what showed up at our door? It’s Georgie Girl! Kickstarter #2. Thank you George C for the donation. She arrived almost safely in one piece. Oops! But we fixed some of it for now. Mostly cleaned up, polished and the battery is charged. That’s amazing too! Kevin, pedal powered her down the street and… Continue reading Hey there Georgie Girl 🎶


I belong out there with everyone else

Cycling transforms life of man with brain condition MIKE GRIFFITHS REPORTER, ITV WALES Steve Walford on his trike A man from south Wales who was diagnosed with a rare condition causing him to lose some of his balance and mobility says he's found freedom through riding a a trike. Steve Walford, from Risca, now loves… Continue reading I belong out there with everyone else


It was 2 wheeler day

Up and out of the house early. Let's get those ELFs on the trailer and high tail it over to the grand opening of the new Bay Shore Bike Way... Yeah right. As we drag our butts out of bed, the only thought was, it's too early. It really wasn't. With just enough time to… Continue reading It was 2 wheeler day


It’s in the trailer and on the road!

By Sunday night, we'll have Georgie Girl here in San Diego. With a few electrical repairs she'll be ready for the road. Just like the song says, she's gonna be a new Georgie Girl! Hey there, Georgy girl Swinging down the street so fancy-free Nobody you meet could ever see the loneliness there inside you… Continue reading It’s in the trailer and on the road!