If we go she goes.

This feature originally appeared in the April 2018 issue of Adventure Cyclist magazine. To receive nine issues a year as well as a host of other benefits, join Adventure Cycling today. Sora has visited more countries than most people. Twenty-four, for those keeping track. Having lived on the streets in her youth after a series of… Continue reading If we go she goes.

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The Bike Lane

So many cities are reworking their transit system and including more bike lanes in the plans. Bike advocates are out promoting their cause. I commend them. Something needs to be done. Narrow bike lanes in the gutter with dead animals and broken glass is not acceptable. Nor is having the bike lane directly against a… Continue reading The Bike Lane

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Riding a bike makes you a second class person

In what world is this a bike lane? Traffic is moving at 60mph. Why would the traffic authority even consider making this a bike lane until the construction was done. I understand the need to prove to higher authorities that you need funding for projects, such a bike lanes, but this is just insane. Just… Continue reading Riding a bike makes you a second class person

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Dockless Bikes – safe or will someone get hurt?

The new fad that’s taken over some cities is the “Dockless Bike.” Are they a good idea or a bad idea? Only time will really tell. At first glance you’d think wow, I can just pick up a bike anywhere and ride it for a bargain price and then leave it anywhere. That’s a pretty… Continue reading Dockless Bikes – safe or will someone get hurt?