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Where has the time gone?

We’ve been pedaling but there’s been little time to post with the remodeling job on the house that we’re doing.

I’ll just lump a bunch of outings all together, starting in July 2023 and working backwards

The early morning beach pedal on the recumbents. It may have been early but it was already hot and humid. We were done by 8:30a

Pedaling to our Tuesday night ukulele group we found this family of bikers. We often see them out and about. The youngest is about 4 years old. They pedal for miles! I’d have a tough time taking kids on some of the streets around here. It’s not safe. This is a fairly ok street, but this morning they were on a street with a 45mph speed limit and an in the gutter bike lane.

We had the opportunity to pedal the new trail in Big Bear Lake California. Wow, it’s amazing! A quick easy 10 miles on a nice morning.

A simple pedal to Santee Lakes ended up being a repair the chain adventure. It was a fairly quick fix. Thankfully it wasn’t a hot day, because I would have needed to push Shelby to a shady spot and there weren’t any close by. On a hot day that asphalt would have burned anyone’s skin.

Once we were back on the road it was off to the duck pond for a total of 20 miles.

I’ll keep adding more so check back!!

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