Let’s record our ride – It’s a simple dash cam

It’s a simple dashcam. It came with a reverse camera, I plan to hook it up in the future.

Bayshore Bike Way San Diego, California

I’m using a USBc cable and I’m powering the camera by a 2inch x3 inch cellphone charger. It was $15.  You have to use the higher 2A output to power the cameras.  As soon as you plug it in, the camera goes into record. When you unplug it it stops.

As for attaching to the trike, this is where I had to become creative. I have an upright angle post. I folded some cardboard to make a holder for the camera and cables, along with a fold that holds the battery. Then out of duct tape and Velcro I made a sling to cradle the camera for a smoother ride. Basically cardboard Velcro and duct tape. It’s rudimentary, but it works well. Now that it’s a proven to work project, I’m going to spend a little time making it look nicer.

Cardboard box camera mount
Battery Pack

I also have an e-velo trike. It too has a dash cam. I power the dash cam via the trikes 48v battery system. The Trike has a 48v-12 volt downconverter, so its a simple tap off the 12v side. I have a small box that holds my stuff. I cut a lens sized hole in it. Then I made a sling out of duct tape. This camera has been working great for the last 2 years. I’m very happy with the quality of the video and the durability of the camera. it’s a lot cheaper than a GoPro (which I have) and is perfect for the average Jill or Joe bike videos.

Dashcams record in 1-3 and 5 minute sections, so if you want one continuous bike ride you’ll have to use an app to join them. Normally, I find I don’t want the entire ride documented so this system works great for me.

If you have Apple devices be sure to get the cameras with Mov. I download to my phone normally via an adapter or to my laptop.

Formats like AVI are only for the PC computers