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The first ride

We took our new little Rad Minis out for a ride for the first time on Sunday. Can you believe this is January?
A quick pedal around the lakes and a bite to eat made for a nice end to the day.
The Rad Mini is a super nice ebike. I mostly played with the assist and the throttle on this ride. The Rad mini was surprisingly easy to pedal without any e-assist.
Santee Lakes is a great place to learn and get comfortable with a new bike. It’s nearly flat and the road way is wide.

I’m still slightly confused on why nearly all the current ebikes on the market have 750w motors. That’s a lot for a bike and that’s a lot of bike for most people to control. I know these bikes are popular with the over 60 crowd (which I am one of) but hey guys be careful these are not the bike of your childhood.
I found myself on 0 PAS assist just so I could pedal with a very occasional light touch of the throttle and I was still going faster than I needed or wanted to go.
I like to enjoy my ride and look around. Just call me Yurtle the Turtle 🐢
My next Rad ride will be up a fairly steep hill. I often pedal this hill in my heavy e-Velo Shelby. She has a 750w motor. I have to work hard to get us up that 3/4 of a mile long hill even with the 750watts helping me. Let’s see how my Rad Mini does.

What do you think? Should I make a safety, do and don’t list for ebike riders? I think so.
These are not beach cruisers.

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