Kelly Motor Controller

The Kelly Motor Controllers are attached to the outside ELF “Brain Box”.  It is the Silver Box.

The Motor Controller is responsible for the Electric Motor’s starting from a dead stop and slow speed operation among other things.  All of the wires from the Electric Motor are attached to the Motor Controller.  The throttle and the Cycle Analyzer are also attached to the Motor Controller.

There are blinking light codes that help you find out what the Motor Controller is doing or what errors it is having. These magical lights are located on the Black “Brain Box” which is where you put the key in to start the ELF.   The Brain Box on ELF’s have a Red and Green Light mounted on the back side of the box from where you put the key in.

Anyone can download the manual for your Kelly Controller at Kelly Controller Support. You will need the Model Number of your Kelly Motor Controller as they have several different kinds of controllers for several applications.

Here are some basic codes from the manual.

When the Green light is off, there is no power.  Turning your key on gives the Kelly Controller power.  When the Green light is on, the Kelly Controller has power and is ready to control the motor.

Any Red blinking lights are error codes and they get erased as soon as you turn the key off.

Here is a partial list for a controller that was in a 200 series ELF

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  1. Fun Stuff about Controllers. Controllers typically have a Thermal Sensor which will shut down the Controller when it gets too hot and they do get hot. People panic thinking they’ve killed their controller or motor sensors but the Thermal Sensor will or should reset after the temperature goes down…usually below 70 Celsius. A bag of ice cubes or ice pack will cool the unit faster. Also best Controllers will have IRFB4110 Mosfets and the more Fets you have the less over heating you’ll have. Controller shells are typically Aluminum with ribs which act as a heat sink—bigger the fins the more heat is removed from the Controller. Carrying a spare Controller is usually a good idea unless you want to Pedal home a 200 pound ELF. If you see light grey smoke coming from your Controller and that smoke smells like burning rubber you’ve just killed your Controller and it cannot be repaired. A sizzling cracking sound is also a warning you are going to be pedaling home.

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