What does that TDCM motor look like inside?

You have seen that silver motor that spins and powers your bike, but did you ever wonder what is inside it?

Well, we pulled one apart to do some troubleshooting and here are the pictures.

up drive view
Silver TDCM Electric 48-Volt motor

The copper wire creates an Electro-Magnet that makes the motor spin around the motor axis.

The inside of the Electric motor.

There are also Hall Sensors inside the motor (those things with 3-wires) which help the motor turn smoothly at slow speeds.


Pretty Cool, right?

Just so you know, this motor silver outside shell is pressed together.  I used a “Wheel Puller” to pull the two sides apart.  Once apart, I used “C-Clamps” to put it back together.

In a future article, we will discuss what the specific motor parts are, how they are used and controlled by the motor controller.