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It’s errand day and it’s raining!

When the fear of going into the Costco veggie dept is greater than pedaling your ELF in the SoCal traffic and rain to get there, you know it’s really cold inside that giant fridge.

Bike, ELF, PEBL, recumbent, Trike

Terra Trike Safety Recall

Important Safety Recall: If you purchased a TerraTrike Rambler between May – August 2018, there is a Safety Recall for you to be aware of. TerraTrike is conducting this Fast Track recall with the CPSC (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission) to recall the Ramblers affected. No accidents or injuries have been reported; however, this recall… Continue reading Terra Trike Safety Recall

Bike, ELF, health, PEBL, recumbent, stress, Trike

How steep is that hill?

Gradients and cycling: an introduction If you’re at all interested in cycling uphill (or even if you’re not) you would have heard people refer to a climb’s gradient (or steepness) as a percentage. A climb might have an average gradient of 3% or 5% or even 10% but just what do these numbers mean?… Continue reading How steep is that hill?

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What is a recumbent trike?

by Tryx Recumbent trikes Recumbent trikes (not to be confused with upright “adult trikes”, or “Granny trikes”) are pedal powered tricycles designed with comfortable seats that allow the rider to sit in a reclined position for better aerodynamics and all-day riding if desired.  Because of their added bulk and weight, trikes are a little slower than their two-wheeled… Continue reading What is a recumbent trike?

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We’re making progress

I just took Georgie Girl out for a spin that wasn’t just around the block. Dang does she move. The same streets I pedaled Shelby on this morning and had to work to get to 20mph, Georgie and I zip right along hitting 25mph with a super ez pedal. She does whine and sound like… Continue reading We’re making progress

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Why I want an eTrike

Written by J Figueroa As a VET, I understand that PTSD is not just about Vets, but Police, Fire, EMS, and First Responders. I can’t imagine coming to a minivan after a drunk t-boned them and a 4 year old is maimed and dead. Then going home and trying to sleep without the memory playing… Continue reading Why I want an eTrike