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Now this is a bike shop!

Just recently I bought a used/new/never ridden Terratrike Rover recumbent trike. I wanted something that would fit on trails and paths easier. It’s definitely an entry level trike, but that’s all I need right now. I just want something to cruise and get a cardio workout. Maybe later I’ll add a small 350-500 e-assist system to help with the hills we have around here.

I still have my dorky recumbent ELF “Shelby” to commute in. I love my Shelby, but I feel she’s too big to for the bike trails. Shelby is an E-assist Velo and is perfect for commuting on city streets. But there are times I’ve wanted to pedal on the beach boardwalk and trails.

We’re always pedaling in the shade .

Now that I have a recumbent, that leaves hubby with his two old wheeler. We had to find him something.

He’s been in denial about how fit he is. He’s been pedaling his e-assist commuter for a few years now, and while he is very limber from all that pedaling, the e-assist has become his buddy. It’s always there to lighten the cardio workout. Heads up, you can become super dependent on the e-assist without even realizing it.

San Diego doesn’t have a recumbent bike store so we drove the quick 90 minutes to Garden Grove, in Orange County, California. (It was 2-1/2 hours to get home in traffic. That sucked!)

Richard’s Cyclery

Omg, now this is a bike store. It’s tiny but it has hundred of bikes and trikes, both new and used.

The owner Richard, is a really a nice guy. We bought a new Terratrike Rogue from him. The Rogue replaced the Rover. There are definitely differences, but they are both very much the same trike. After we strapped it into our truck, he said bring it back every six months I’ll lube it for you. Trust me, we will be back.

We are ecstatic with our purchase. The only problem is, so far we can only pedal 6-7 miles in a hour and heaven forbid there be a hill.

There’s no assist at all. But it’s a relaxing bike ride, even when we have to put some major effort into it.

So far we’ve cruised bike paths and trails we’ve never been on. We’ve gotten a nice cardio workout, worked up a sweat, gotten a little sunburned and we are having fun. This is totally different and I’m using an entirely differ set of muscles, but at least my butt NEVER hurts from that little seat.

Let me introduce you to “Gypsy” my Rover trike from Terratrike.

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