Solar Charge Control

It appears that the early model ELF’s  use a GV Boost by Genasun for charging the battery via the solar panel.  It is located inside the “Brain Box” of the ELF

The GV Boost is what takes the 12-19 volt output of the solar panel and converts it to 53 volts needed to charge a 48-volt Lithium Ion Battery.

According to Genasun, it takes 10-volts to turn on the charging circuit .  This voltage comes from the 48-volt battery

The Solar Panel input leads on the GV Boost should have a 7-volt pulse coming out of them .  This is normal to see when you disconnect the solar panel.


There is a blinking Light on the solar charger that will give off codes that will tell you what the GV Boost is doing.  Some of them include:

  1. Green Blinking every 2-seconds means the battery is connected properly and is ready to charge when a solar panel is available.
  2. Green fast short blinks mean the unit is charging the battery from the Solar Panel
  3. Solid Green light means it’s fully charged.
  4. Two RED blinks followed by a pause then Two more RED blinks means the Controllers inner temperature is too high
  5. Three RED Blinks followed by a pause then Three more RED Blinks means that the Controller is overloaded.
  6. Sets of 5 RED Blinks means the battery voltage is too high.
  1. Please refer to the Genasun GV Boost manual at for a list of all status indication codes used on the GV Boost.

Also in the early model ELF’s is a QSKJ DC to DC converter.  This is used to change the 48-Volts from the Battery down to 12-Volts for the Headlights, tail Lights and turn signals.  It has a RED light to show it is powered up.  It is also located in the “Brain Box” of the ELF.

dc-dc converter