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Pedaling San Diego

It’s been a while since Lucky and Shelby have been to the waterfront. It started out as a foggy morning, but it ended up as a blustery and cool day. We pedaled Shelter Island, Harbor Island, and the old Naval Training Center which is now Liberty Station a (small)housing, shopping, and nice park area. Then back to Shelter Island with a nice meal at Mitches Seafood.

We stopped at the Portuguese Market to pick up some pineapple mango soda- Sumol.

That’s when a sweet man from the store unexpectedly gifted us candy bars. ❤️
The entire day was an ez flat 20+ miles except for the cracks in the pavement in this one area. Oh my tender back.
The day was going just fine until the last 10 minutes. Just as Kevin was exiting Lucky, they were nailed by what felt like a monster seagull with diarrhea.

I’m sorry, I just laughed. It’s happened to me too. It’s gross!
That’s how we ended the day.

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