PEBL First Aid

What happened to the PEBL? They were being built on the east coast. But now I’ve heard they’re being outsourced to Europe?

It’s fall 2021 and Better Bikes just made a new Facebook post advertising special option for the new PEBL. But from what I can gather on that same Facebook site, is that some people have paid in full (10k) over a year ago, for their PEBL and they still have not taken delivery and have had little to no communication from the company.

What’s next?

This is how Organic Transit and the ELF disappeared.

Look what I found! I got to pedal it!

This was a fun day! Too much fun!

While I’m not a huge fan of the PEBL design, Mostly because I like the ELFs translucent color and the open design, but I love the PEBLs shocks!

I must have said that to myself many times, as Shelby and I hit every dang pothole, the entire 16 miles home and then again as we pedaled to the store. We did 11 miles with the PEBL.

Ok here’s my review for what it’s worth. The ELF feels like an EBike and the PEBL feels more like a micro car. It can really climb hills, but we are comparing 4&5 year old ELFs with old batteries to a 1 week old PEBL.

What does bother me is the quality control on the assembly line. It wouldn’t have taken Better Bike any more time to do a few things better.

Then, their delivery method. Random delivery companies, and bikes just sitting on loading docks waiting for a new trucker. There must be a better way and I understand they are working on a better method as we speak.

Better Bike is leaving the hemp based body and starting to manufacture the bodies out of fiberglass. Hopefully the bike will be lighter and more durable without the need for a wrap.

The Pebl has a 2 speed motor. Low is 750w and high is 1500w. With that being said it really isn’t a class 2 Bike, nor does it have a sticker identifying itself as a class 2 Bike like many Ebikes and the ELF.

Just recently a PEBL owner has started posting his likes, dislikes and modifications on You Tube. You can find them here.

We hope to have lots of advice and problem solving help here shortly. But until then you’re stuck with me.

Handle bars

The PEBL comes with a galvanized pipe for the steering, in place of nice handle bars. Switching the pipe to regular store bought bike handle bars would be much better and would give a tall rider more room for his/her knees.

The motor controller

It’s located up front above the wheelwell, I’m told.

It was suggested to me that should you need to replace it, adhere the new controller to the PEBL with extra wide industrial Velcro. So if it were to go bad again (which it will because they just do that) it would be easier.

Batteries and Charger info can be found here

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