Anyone Can Bike

We’re here, up and pedaling.  Everyday we will have more and more stuff to share. 

Checkout our classified section. You might find the bike or trike of your dreams.

Keep up to date, find out where we are and laugh at our failures by following us on Instagram and Twitter @anyonecanbike 

Whether it’s pedaling to the nearby store or across your state. Get moving. Pedal that stress away. Have fun, let no disability stop you.

Our goal is to organize simple fun bike rides and provide a few Ebikes or Etrikes for people to use for FREE at the events.

If you have an eBike, ELF, PEBL, MO Trike or even a TRIKKE to sell,  Click here to place your ad. It’s FREE! 

Let’s go outside! 

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We want to encourage families and people with all types of challenges to go outside.

Check out our fun stuff and apparel at Anyone Can Bike

Check back often while we continue to grow! Our selection is growing daily.

If you have a repair technique or an adventure to share contact us we’d love to include it.

We just want people to go outside and enjoy life.

Listen to KoolRadio while you’re pedaling. It’s music from the 60’s to the present.

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14 thoughts on “Anyone Can Bike”

    1. Vicki, I’m from NE Wisconsin and would like to set up a date to look at your ELF. Could you contact me with upcoming weekends when you could be available to meet?

    2. Good morning… I’m interested in buying an elf can you let me know if yours is available and is it a single or two seater thank you Linda

  1. We live just south of the Twin Cities, Minnesota….our son no longer uses his ELF, would like to see it go to a good home…. Email me with your inquiries.

      1. I forwarded your info to the ELF owner she still has it.
        We presently have 3 ELFs for sale and I know of others that will be coming up for sale shortly in all areas. Use the contact form to send us your info,what you want and price range. Then we will be able to make a few inquiries for you.

  2. I just wanted to take a moment to give a very heartfelt THANK YOU to Kevin and Moline Schrader, a couple I met through the Organic Transit Facebook site. Long story short, I was trying to help my girlfriend’s 94 yr. old father sell his Elf. There were problems with his Elf Solo from the day it arrived. “Art” does not have the technical background to figure out why the Solo stopped running. It has since sat in his garage for the past 4 yrs. It maybe has 5 total miles on it. I mentioned the plight of Art and his Solo on the OT Facebook site. Within minutes of posting an SOS for help I heard from Moline, wanting more info from me as to what was wrong with the bike. Working on the Solo was like trying to learn Russian, we were lost. I couldn’t even verbalise what was wrong with the bike other than it didn’t run and the batteries were stone dead. Moline and Kevin offered to drive up to the Sacramento area from S. Cal., an 8-10 hr. drive. “Pay it forward” was how Moline explained their generosity. They came to Sacramento, spent the better part of the day trouble shooting the bike, than performed magic on the batteries and got the Elf running, like the new bike it is. The “dead” battery now holds a 54 volt charge for a month without a charge and everything else is working fine. We are putting the bike up for sale shortly because Art is having his 95th birthday soon and has trouble getting in and out of the bike. Wish we had met M & K sooner so Art could have gotten a few more miles on the bike but it was not meant to be. Thank you again Kevin & Moline, your help and thoughtfulness will be font soon be forgotten. I hope we can all stay friends for life! Tom Wardell, Sacramento, CA.

    1. Thank you for the kinds words. I hope I live to 95 and beyond, I want to be like Art. What a wonderful man, with such caring friend and family. We are definitely friends forever.

    1. There people who commute daily with their ELFs all winter in Canada and the upper USA. They add side covers and studded tires for the winter

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