Anyone Can Bike

We’re here, up and pedaling.  Everyday we will have more and more stuff to share. 

Keep up to date, find out where we are and laugh at our failures by following us on Instagram and Twitter @anyonecanbike 

Whether it’s pedaling to the nearby store or across your state. Get moving. Pedal that stress away. Have fun, let no disability stop you.

Our goal is to organize simple fun bike rides and provide a few Ebikes or Etrikes for people to use for FREE at the events.

Need an Ebike or trike check out our classified ad section – For Sale

If you have an eBike, ELF, PEBL, MO Trike or even a TRIKKE to sell,  Click here to place your ad. It’s FREE! Until mid 2018

If you have an Ebike, Trike, ELF,PEBL, Pedalist, Delta or Tadpole, you no longer want,  we will put it to work helping others. Let’s go outside! 

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We want to encourage families and people with all types of challenges to go outside and explore.

Check out our fun stuff and apparel at Anyone Can Bike

Check back often while we continue to grow! Our selection is growing daily.

If you have a repair technique or an adventure to share contact us we’d love to include it.

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    1. There people who commute daily with their ELFs all winter in Canada and the upper USA. They add side covers and studded tires for the winter

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