Oh wow, Rad Bikes the price just went up!

So the Rad Bike dealer here in SoCal – San Diego lets you test drive the bikes. My favorite to ride by far, is the Rad City. If I lived in an area of town that was bike friendly, I’d definitely commute and cruise on it. But, if I want to ride a 2 wheeler I’ll need to transport it to a safer area.

The Bayshore Parkway and 2 Rad Minis

With the price of gas lately, the Rad Minis are the perfect solution and they are comfy too. When folded, 2 Rad Minis fit nicely/tightly into my little Hyundai Accent. The fact that ebikes are heavier than bikes, the tight fit is a slight hassle for us in such a small car. After all we’re over 60. But for convenience and a more economical travel option, these guys win. I’m on the tall side, 5-10 and the bike fits me just fine.

Sadly, after checking today the price has gone up from $1299 to $1499. I’m not thrilled with that. I’m on the waiting list for 2 Red Minis, when they finally restock and arrive here in town. Hopefully that doesn’t mean I’ll have to pay the higher price.

The Rad Rover was a nice ride too. But it doesn’t fold. I need a smaller folding bike that fits in the car.

A Rad Mini and a Rad Rover


Wow! I’m impressed. First off let me just say the staff at the San Diego Rad Bike Store is amazing.

We just purchased 2 Rad Minis. I was expecting to pay the full 2022 price. After all it was a new year and the price of everything has gone up. But what the heck, I’ll mention that we were on the waiting list back in late December when the price was $200 cheaper. To my astonishment, he asked me for the email address, we used for the waiting list sign up. When, he saw we were actually on the list, the employee said, “we’ll honor that price and the accessory sale price that was also back in December”.

Granted, we still spent what I feel is a fortune for 2 bikes, but we also saved $500.

It was late the store was getting closer to closing, but I never felt rushed. Let me just say the store was very busy too. I could not believe when he asked if we wanted our rear racks and mirrors installed on the bikes? Of course! Thank you! Once completed the staff even loaded them into our truck.

This was a pleasant big ticket buying experience. Hmmm, maybe the kindness and friendliness of the staff is an aphrodisiac that lures people into buying their bikes.

Now what do I name my new ebike?

FYI the basket is from Staples. It’s a $10 office organizer. The flowered insert is a bike basket bag. I just grab it and go. I use it for all my bike baskets. The seat is from my beach cruiser. After all a big butt, needs a big butt seat. The seat post is a little rusted but I’ll be painting it black soon.

Okay this is the last bike I’m buying. No more! But honestly every bike has a purpose. I will never ride my new Rad Mini in my area of town. It’s way too dangerous. I’ll be traveling with it, cruising long distances on paths and trails. Shelby, is still my favorite bike/trike for commuting in town. She may be kinda dorky looking, but no driver can ever say they didn’t see me.


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