Making a light up flag pole


Parts needed to create the Lighted Flag Pole.IMG_2144

  1. Bell Flag Pole
  2. We used NTE EL Wire Light in our favorite color. But now there’s flexible LED wire that would also work and is brighter
  3. NTE EL Wire or LED Power plug
  4. Philmore 12-Volt Cigarette Lighter Socket (Female)
  5. ½-Inch Crystal Clear Heat Shrink
  6. Clear Scotch Tape

Lay out your Flag Pole. Remove the Base mount using pliers

Using scotch tape, tape the tip of the Neon element at the top of the Flag Pole just beneath the pennant.

Now begin to roll the EL Wire Light Element or the flex LED wire or strip slowly down the pole keeping the separation about ½-inch apart. About ½ way down add another piece of scotch tape to hold the Neon Element in place and continue winding down to the bottom.

Next, slide the Crystal Clear Heat Shrink up the Flag Pole and over the top of the Light wire. Take your time. You might have to lubricate the inside of the Heat Shrink with Rubbing Alcohol to keep it from catching on the EL Wire Light element. Because the Heat Shrink is only 3-ft long, it will take two pieces to cover the length of the Flag Pole.

Now begin at the top and using the Heat Shrink Gun, begin heating the Crystal Clear Heat Shrink and let it tighten around the pole and the Light Elements. Be careful not to get too close to the heat shrink because you can also melt the plastic in the lights wiring.

As you get close to the bottom, make sure you do not cover the black power wires and connector of the Wire Light Element at the bottom of the Flag Pole. Just cover the part that actually lights up.

Get the Philmore Cigarette Lighter Socket and take it apart to show the Solder Tabs where the battery wires will be attached

The Solder Tab in the center of the Socket is the positive (+) battery feed and the tabs closest to the edge will be the Negative (-) Battery feed.

Solder the Battery Lead wires in place and then put the Cigarette Lighter Socket back together

7 thoughts on “Making a light up flag pole”

    1. We have not had a problem with it. It’s been a few years since we made these. If I were to make another, I probably would choose the flexible, brighter LEDs lights. They are available everywhere now and fairly cheap too. 5 years makes a huge difference in technology.

  1. So glad I found this post! Lighted flagpoles aren’t readily available here in the Netherlands, but now with EL wire my wife’s and my flagpole give us a bit more safety during the dark hours of the day.
    Thanks for sharing this info!

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