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Everyday it’s a new adventure

I really miss pedaling my e-recumbent trike everyday. But between the rain and my cochlear implant surgery it’s not possible. But this morning it was fairly nice and the ear is getting better.

Just for some reference. I’m 10 days post op from Cochlear Implant surgery, and I just pedaled my ebike a very short 5 miles rdtp to a cafe. That felt amazing!!!

But traffic noise and store noise was a killer and exhausting.

My ear still really hurts at the top and yet it’s totally numb. My head has a major tender spot, who hit me in the head with a bat? The incision is omg itchy. Not to mention my jaw still hurts too. The ear didn’t feel too puffy or stuffed, but now after the bike ride it is. But, everything is getting better as I sit here and chill for a while.

The weird thing is it looks like the Dr saved my residual hearing. It’s kinda coming back a little, but it’s really, really different. For all you engrs, it’s soft, distorted and clipping. For anyone else it’s really soft and twangy.

And why are simple little sounds so loud!!! Can you say Tylenol? But everyday is getting better and more boring. I’m and outside person.

Activation is Wednesday at 8a that’s going to be a whole new weird world!

I’ll be able to hear, but what will I hear? Stay tuned!

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