ELF Body Cracks

So far this crack fix has held up extremely well for us even on dirt roads. Below are the basic instructions for this repair. We have tried 3 other methods. All have done the job, but have not lasted. One method looked horribly messy and didn’t last. So for now this has been the best and most stable method we have found to solve the ELF body crack problem.

Now after 3 years this I can definitely recommend the following.

A sheet of ABS plastic cut and heat molded to fit the bend in the body. An electronics heat gun or even a powerful blower dryer might do it. But don’t burn the plastic.

Clean all parts with denatured alcohol.

Combine small amounts of


ABS shavings

Mix the acetone and shavings in a glass container much like a baby food jar.

It will take time for this to melt and dissolve to become a glue.

Spread the mixture in and on the crack. Apply pressure to hold the crack closed for 24 hours. Be sure to leave a fairly flat surface when done so that when placing the molded piece on in 24 hours it can lay flat.

Next day

Apply the mixture on the body and placed the molded piece. Again apply pressure for 24 hours.

On the inside we still have a repair from earlier. It did not hold up well on the outside. But it’s held fine on the inside so far. This repair has aluminum flashing that’s cut to fit. It’s gorilla glued to the body for extra support.

We prefer the ABS /Trylon glue method now that we’ve done both.

So far the ABS/Trylon repair method has held solid for years, even while traveling on dirt roads. If you have questions just contacts us, we will try to help out.

Since the original post our mango ELF had a crack in a very odd place. I can only assume it was damaged by a spectator while I was in the store. We again used the glue method on the back side to mend the crack.