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2 flats in 1 week

Last Sunday we rode the new Rose Canyon bike path. It’s really nice, EXCEPT for the first 3/4 mile.

It was an old poorly maintained asphalt path with over growth. But after that the path was amazing.

We had a great time on our 16 mile pedal that day. But the following day was not fun. I guess that un-maintained path had a few goat head thorns. I now have a flat.

So we put a new tube in and carefully pulled out the thorns. Feeling around the inside of the tire numerous times. We patch the old tube and will save it for an emergency repair.

Tuesday off to bike in the desert. What a fun day.

Wednesday it’s raining and time to clean the desert dirt off the ELF’s. After all I cleaned the dirt off off me and there was a lot. My tan washed down the drain.

Thursday morning, I’m out the door ready for my 10 mile commute. But wait, what the heck the tire is flat again!

This time it’s going to the bike shop to get liners and slimed.

Maybe I’ll get to ride tomorrow.

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