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Is Organic Transit back in business?

Simply stated, who knows?

While they do have a new physical address in Arizona and what looks like new owners Sun MicroMobility, are they really back?

The ELF concept is nice. The product was average, but I can see lots of potential. Hopefully the new owners can pull off a miracle. I’d love to see it succeed. So many existing ELF owners need support and replacement parts.

There’s is a new company on the east coast called SolMobil. Its been saying via Facebook, that they are affiliated with the new ELF owners. They say they were contracted to put together the few remaining ELFs that were part of the Organic Transit bankruptcy sale.

Other than that they seem to have repaired only couple of ELFs for people, but after very long delays .

So is Organic Transit back who knows?

Let’s see what happens!

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