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Our new non E-trikes

Here’s my 2cents worth of nothing. For just over 4 years we’ve had our e trike ELFs. While they are big and dorky, I love them. I commute 10 miles every morning in it. People can really see me, and that makes me feel safer on city streets.

Just recently we bought 2 Terra non E trike recumbents.
The price and the weight load is and isn’t and issue. But I don’t want to spend a lot of $ for a weekend fitness fun program. The ELFs are harder to transport places and they don’t fit through the bollards on many of the bike paths. It also seems like hubby is depending on the E assist of our ELFs a little too much now. Trust me it’s easy to depend on the e-assist.

Recently, I found a new never ridden Rover for under $1000. It has a weight load of 400lbs. Terratrike discontinued the Rover to make the Rogue. As soon as it gets built we’re picking up a new Rogue. It has a weight load 275lbs. Both trikes have Nuvinci’s for shifting that’s nice.

These trikes are not speed demons but for a Saturday and Sunday fun fitness day or to throw into the truck to go cruise a National Park or rail trail they are fine. Hubby took delivery of his Rogue and loves it.

Big Bear Lake

If we choose to upgrade later I can always resell them. They are great trikes
Honestly I wanted a Rambler or Villager but that’s $$ and this Rover and Rogue are still way fun with the Nuvinci.
All my trikes have Nuvinci’s

Don’t you just love my seat covers!

USS Midway
San Diego, California

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