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The Bike Lane

So many cities are reworking their transit system and including more bike lanes in the plans. Bike advocates are out promoting their cause. I commend them. Something needs to be done. Narrow bike lanes in the gutter with dead animals and broken glass is not acceptable. Nor is having the bike lane directly against a… Continue reading The Bike Lane


If we’re going to splurge

When dinner is full of calories but oh so yummy, the only way to not have guilt was the pedal the 15 miles on a cold night. Best night ever, tasty BBQ and a fun ride.

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Why just why?

You know it's going to be a long day when you open the freezer in the garage wondering why you can't find your jeans in the dryer. Worst part was, it took a few seconds for me to figure out what was wrong. Ugh!


Commuting via bike in a winter wonderland

“That’s not snow, that’s a light dusting!” I can already predict some comments on this week’s video. For the people in north-west Europe, not used to heavy snow, it was a bit more than that! With snow from Friday to Monday, leading to a “code red weather alarm” that last day in the Netherlands, public… Continue reading Commuting via bike in a winter wonderland

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It’s rough being a San Diegan….

I just wanted to grab breakfast at a local eatery and run a few errands. What happened was, I spent the day talking to myself while pedaling. The stuff I say to myself sometimes is just a kick. Either I’m crazy or I’m really funny. At least I amuse easily. Best of all by the… Continue reading It’s rough being a San Diegan….