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Our new non E-trikes

Here’s my 2cents worth of nothing. For just over 4 years we’ve had our e trike ELFs. While they are big and dorky, I love them. I commute 10 miles every morning in it. People can really see me, and that makes me feel safer on city streets. Just recently we bought 2 Terra non… Continue reading Our new non E-trikes

Bike, ELF, PEBL, recumbent, Trike

E-Bike Motors Explained Mid Drive vs Hub Drive

January 19, 2021 What are Hub Motors?Hub motors were the first type of drive systems for bicycles to be patented and they continue to be popular today. Instead of trying to integrate a motor into the bicycle drivetrain (complimenting the gears and chain that the rider uses) hub motors stay completely separate. Electricity is… Continue reading E-Bike Motors Explained Mid Drive vs Hub Drive


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ELF – PEBL – Pedalist

Well it’s happened. The Innovative solar electric ELF has competition. Now there's the PEBL and the Pedalist This is fantastic. It will kick Organic Transit, the ELF manufacturer in the tush so it’s forced to improve and advance quicker, while it makes Better Bike, the maker of the PEBL and Virtue Bike the maker of… Continue reading ELF – PEBL – Pedalist


The Pedalist

Here's what I know so far. I just saw one without the Shell in a bike shop in San Diego. It looks really sturdy and beefy Sits upright like a bike. I personally like the recumbent style better but since I haven't pedaled a Pedalist yet, so I won't judge it. I almost forgot it… Continue reading The Pedalist