ELF – PEBL – Pedalist

Well it’s happened. The Innovative solar electric ELF has competition. Now there’s the PEBL and the Pedalist

This is fantastic. It will kick Organic Transit, the ELF manufacturer in the tush so it’s forced to improve and advance quicker, while it makes Better Bike, the maker of the PEBL and Virtue Bike the maker of the Pedalist hit the ground running.

Since I’ve never pedaled a PEBL I really can’t review it. But I have seen videos of people who’ve just taken delivery of one.

Take a look at the new kid in town. Watch it cruise through town on its maiden voyage.

It’s too cool. The PEBL seems to be an all weather transportation vehicle, not just a bike. The best thing about it for me is the suspension. Something the ELF falls short on.

As for the ELF, I think it’s got more of a outdoorsy, feel free, casual feeling. Kinda like a convertible. Then again I live in SoCal everything needs to feel free like a convertible. But I really want a suspension system!

In time, we will see how the PEBL holds up. It will probably have its own set of repair issues. That’s when parts and customer service will play an important part in the success of the business.

I hope we see more of these enclosed, solar, recumbent trikes.

Now the Pedalist is an upright bike. It’s made in San Diego and I’ve seen the frame in a local bike shop without the shell. It looks sturdy and beefy. I need to get in touch with them I’d love to demo it.

On the other side of the Atlantic they have Evelo and Twike along with a few others.

Competition forces creativity and keeps the prices down and that’s great for the consumer.

So there’s the ELF. Now there should be a solar assisted nice trike apparatus – SANTA

As for the PEBL it needs a BamBam. Hmm, that’s a little tougher to find an acronym for. Got any ideas?

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