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I almost got killed: The bike and I are fine!

What the heck. Honestly, I said a lot more than that at the time! A driver just tried to kill me. They saw me and purposely swerved and pushed me into the curb. I have a rear view camera, guess who’s going to be checking that video. I even have a loud horn they heard me too.

Reviewing video. The driver had been tightly tailgating hubby for more than a couple of blocks with plenty of room and another lane to go around. The driver went around him then swerved in to me, pushing me into the curb. I swerved and braked. He kept coming! He was only 6inches away at the most. Hubby could be heard shouting, Nooooo

Look how far that car had to swerve to be inches from me

The bike lane is glass filled, sloping, with uneven asphalt and in the gutter. The bike lane starts and stops every few blocks, so it’s mostly take a lane around here. Who thinks this is safe?

I’m pedaling at almost 20mph, my bright Orange dorky very visible ELF. They saw me! I’m adding a front mounted dashcam now!

Those “new car” California paper license plates are horrible. The print is so small and cluttered, I couldn’t get the number.

Most people pedal their 2 wheelers on the sidewalk in this town, because the bike lanes and streets are so dangerous. Last month I almost got doored twice on a different street. Thankfully I have fast reactions.

I’ve done +5,000 miles of bike commuting in El Cajon. It’s been getting extremely bad for biking the last 2 years here. Many drivers have been getting aggressive and very privileged. They won’t share the road. Many feel biking is for the very poor and they don’t deserve a safe pedal to work or school. While some are jealous of the the wealthier spandex bikers. I guess it doesn’t matter what they think. Today they were driving a brand new 2000lb car that they used as a weapon of destruction. Today, me a 60ish woman was nearly killed by a driver while pedaling my bike.

It’s 39-41 degrees in the morning. The mask serves two purposes. It protects me from Covid and keeps my face warm on these cold mornings.

Also today…on the new Magnolia bike lane, there was a car driving down the bike lane. He was waving, and wanted me to go out into traffic to go around him. It’s a bike lane not a park or slow traffic lane.

I’m just a little angry can you tell!

Her name is Shelby after the Ford Mustang

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