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My morning rides are getting dangerous

It’s been a weird slightly unnerving week. I’m not sure whether it’s pandemic fatigue, political anger or Christmas anxiety, but drivers are very aggressive lately. In the last six days we’ve had three significant bike/car encounters. That’s more than 4 years worth for us.

First there was the car that purposely aimed his car at me and pushed me to the curb. Then he zipped off. I almost was killed, but the bike and I are fine.

Then there was the driver who very closely tailgated us for miles, when there were 2 other lanes for him to drive in.

But then this happened.

Let’s summarize Wednesday’s morning ELF ride
It was 37* in San Diego’s eastern area.

A guy decided he was going to try his attempt at suicide. He was laying in the street wanting cars to run him over. No one could tell if he was physically hurt.

  • I called 911
  • I blocked the street with Shelby. (She’s a big Orange cone anyway)
  • Kevin used Lucky to block more of the street behind me.
  • A guy in a Cadillac drives right up against Kevin, then tried to squeeze passed me/Shelby and the victim to get near the curb to turn right.
  • People nearer to the guy are yelling, “go around”
  • The guy in the Cadillac shouts to me, “I could crush you and your little vehicle with my car, move”
  • I say nothing and I don’t move at all.
  • The injured guy laying in the street at least had a mask on
  • The police finally come
  • They tell the Cadillac driver to move on. Go a different direction. He leaves.
  • the police have it under control and We leave and come home without finishing the ride.
  • It’s all on my dash cam
  • Total mileage 6.66 Why that number?
  • All before 8am
    The rest of the day, I’ll be driving the car.

I missed my morning pedal today, but that’s okay it was cold and windy. Maybe tomorrow. I really would like a bike ride that is relaxing and calming instead of life threatening.

Stay Safe out there!

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