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Tuesday in the desert

Tuesday was our little day trip to the desert. We trailered up Shelby and Lucky for the 90 minute (more like 2 hour winding ride from sea level to 4500ft then back to sea level into the desert and Borrego Springs.

We started at Anza Borrego State Park. They have open bathrooms 😂. That’s a big thing around here.

Then we pedaled to Gallenta Meadows.

Its about 6-7 miles out in the desert. It’s an unusual display of metal art in the middle of no where on a sandy road.

We both manage to fish tail and drift our ELFs in the sand.

Then back to town were we saw the remnants of a bicycle vs car accident, with someone on the stretcher. We think it was the guy who passed us, 20 minutes earlier. Hope he’s ok, no one seemed too much in a hurry. Hopefully that’s a good sign.
We noticed that cars didn’t quite know what we were, so they seemed to stay far away from us. That was nice!

After lunch we tootled around the area some more for a total of 20 miles.

It was perfect 75 degree weather in the desert. So not like today which is super windy cloudy, cold, and about to rain here.

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