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Let’s Race

Southern California morning traffic, hmmm. I had this brilliant idea I’ll race my husband to his place of employment. Who will win?

The family van and the freeway vs me pedaling my little solar power assist, ELF/bike named Shelby and side streets. The race will cover approximately 8+ miles during the morning rush hour.

Well, normally his commute on the freeway is really slow. Traffic, accidents, and metered backed up on the ramp. He works on a college campus more traffic and very little parking. I really thought I’d win and would have on a normal day. But here’s what happened.

Out of the driveway we go. At the first signal light he zips thru the yellow. I cuss at him and wait it out. For 2 miles he’s within my sight. I’m thinking for sure I’ll pass him at the metered freeway ramp entrance. Are you kidding me there are No Cars backed up on the ramp and now I have a huge 2 mile hill to climb.

Thinking, I can’t lose the race, I put the pedal to the metal. Full throttle and pedaling. It’s chilly out but I’m not noticing it.

I get to the top of the hill and I have a view of the entire freeway for miles. What no traffic. Is there a zombie apocalypse and everyone left town? Ugh! I’m not quitting.

Now to go down the hill. I’m not comfortable going that fast down the hill and will probably never do that again. Are you kidding me a red light. I hit every red light there was. Omg the potholes!

Shelby (named after the Ford Mustang) and I are not heavy enough to trigger the sensors in the street for the signals. So, I slow to let the car go first. Now I’ve got to go straight over the multi sets of train tracks and bad asphalt. I’ll be writing the city council about that.

The home stretch, 3 miles of straight nice road. Come on college kids pedal faster you’re hogging the bike lane. You have classes in a few minutes move it. But then again, I never hurried to class way back when. What was I thinking ?

I hear my phone go off in my backpack, it’s a text message. Don’t tell me he’s there. I keep going. Get out of my way! I move out of the bike lane, into the tiny bit of traffic and pass all of them. Yes, yes, I see the building, oh dang there he is waiting for me.

The first words out of his mouth, “that was the easiest commute I’ve had in months”. Figures!

But even still he only made it there 10 minutes before me. I could have won had it not been for a red lights.

Total time for me 34 minutes, not bad at all.

The ride home even with it being uphill the entire way was only 32 minutes and all green lights.

As I said, I really put the pedal to the metal and I’m thankful I still had some e-assist left. I would have never made the return trip, up the Grossmont Summit without it.

The only thing I can say is to quote the Cop at the red light, “enjoy your work out”! Yes I burned a lot of Calories today!

Yes, those are bikes!

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