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Life without hearing

I was trying to explain what it’s like with my Cochlear Implant, and since it’s almost Mother’s Day I came up with this analogy. I think it explains it well.

Motherhood/Fatherhood vs the Cochlear Implant

– It’s not going to be easy, but you kinda have to plan for the end results.

I love my kids. It sounded great to have kids. Then you have them and although they’re cute, they are mega work and you get no sleep,and they cry, scream and make noises. You end up tired all the time, and all they do is suck all money out of your wallet. But you’ve grown to love them and they’re lots fun. They give you energy and now you can’t remember life with out them ❤️ Nor do you want too.

I love my Cochlear Implant. It’s still mega work. It sucks at times with all the weird sounds and noises. Ok, it still sucks a lot, at times. But it’s really fun to hear voices and nature and that gives me energy. I can’t imagine life without it.❤️ Nor do I want too.

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