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What kind of bike lane do you need?

The thing to remember there’s a real difference between the needs of a cyclist, general fun touring, and a commuter.

Most larger towns build for the tourist or casual fun biker. They build scenic paths through parks and areas of interest. Then retail and restaurants give the paths destinations for the biker to pedal to.

I’m more of a commuter. My needs are totally different. For me it’s pedaling to work, the grocery store and even the local DIY store.

I never want to see unprotected bike lanes or bike lanes in the open door zone.

Honestly, I’d like them to be called mobility lanes. The name mobility lanes would qualify local governments for more grant money.

She feels safer in the street than negotiating the driveway slopes and curbs.

Just opening up the bike lanes to motorized wheelchairs would give city planners access to ADA funds while creating a safe place for the disabled and slower larger trikes to be. They should not be in the street or negotiating driveway slopes or sidewalks issues. Keep the sidewalks for walking and make mobility lanes safe for anyone, children, the disabled, the young, the middle aged, the commuter, the old.

Up the ramp to negotiate around a pole

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