Can you see me?

Sometimes I think pedaling at night is easier and safer than during the day.

During the day, I can’t assume they see me or my big rolling orange traffic cone on wheels. You would think they’d see me, but many times they are on the phone, and aren’t paying attention. In the last 3 months hubby and I have had more interactions with drivers than in the 4 years we’ve been pedaling all together. Is it the political climate or Covid frustration? I don’t know but it’s definitely different and there’s no time to drift off. It’s all eyes on the road at all times.

We’ve pedaled a lot at night and being visible is a necessity. So we added lots of light to our ELFs. Now we’re a little ball of rolling light. They definitely see us.

I use to love going out in the evening but lately like everything else, it just doesn’t feel comfortable.

The one thing I do know is, I don’t pedal between 2-5pm Monday-Friday. Drivers are too much in a hurry. that scares me!

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