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So we went bike camping

Remind me once again why we thought pedaling to a campground at night after work, was a good idea. OMG the potholes! We had to stop a couple of times to temporarily fix the lights. Because of all those potholes we couldn’t see and actually hit last night, it jarred a few connectors loose.

Shelby got tired of towing the trailer it’s now Lucky’s turn.

After setting up the tent, we finally turned in for the night.

It’s late! It’s almost 9 can we go to sleep!

It was 40 degrees, really damp and foggy when we woke up and crawled out of the sleeping bags, to run to the bathroom at 4am. Ugh!

In the morning even with the side shields up, the windows in the ELFs were soaked on the inside and so was the tent.

Why are sleeping bag zippers always on the same side. I want to face the other direction.

The windows are fogged up inside and out and the tent is soaked.

Because every ELF needs a hatchet.

We ended up making a cold small breakfast knowing an early lunch was going to be had at the little airport cafe. It was so cold and foggy this morning that the coyotes, birds other critters never came out until 10a.

Let’s go! It’s 5 miles to the cafe and I’m hungry

Our next ELF camping trip, yes there will be a next time. But it won’t be after work and we’ll take the smaller lighter tent after we find it of course.

It’s hard to believe there’s city all the way around us.

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