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It’s a lazy man camping trip

Well this is going to be interesting. After work we’re pedaling 15 miles, probably in the dark and stopping at Costco for a hotdog. Then we’ll pedal a little further to the campground. We’ve only got the medium sized tent, because we can’t find the smaller one. I have a feeling it’s with one of my kids. Then we’ll have a campfire and go to sleep after listening to coyotes all night.

In the morning we’ll wake up to Morning Doves singing, whoo whoo who who who, wait a minute I had Cochlear implants. I’m nearly deaf now without the processor. I’ll never hear those loud doves at sunrise, Yay!! More sleep for me!

Then we’ll tear down camp and pedal to Mary’s Donuts or the Airport Cafe for breakfast, with a quick stop to feed ducks at our favorite Duck Pond. Please stop drizzling. Thankfully it got cold again and hopefully the rattlesnakes will stay away. I hate snakes. #almostcarcamping 😂.

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