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With a wave and a smile I kept pedaling!

This mornings pedal was nothing different then normal, but this afternoons was great.

I stayed right with a 4×4 truck for almost 5 miles. Granted he took off faster and got to the signal before me, but we traveled thru town side by side. He started taking off faster and faster, each red light. But I always caught up. Granted I was pedaling as hard as I could.

I had to prove a point that I could keep up with traffic, to him and me. Not to mention I was having a great deal of fun each time I pulled up next to him and smiled. I even waved like a child once. He started to laugh. I actually missed an errand stop just to do this.

He finally turned down a side street. I pedaled home…winded but with a huge smile. Burned lots of calories too

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