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Save the Duck Pond

Word has it that the county of San Diego is going to fill in the Gillespie Field Duck Pond. Nooooo! It’s not much, And it’s getting less of a pond and more of an eyesore with every day.

It’s sandwiched inbetween Chemtronics and other manufacturers but it’s one of the last bits of nature in the city. People go there just to look at the ducks, geese, turtles and other wildlife.

But right now the water level is dropping fast and the filtration has nearly stopped. The dozens of turtles swim through what’s now a murky mess while the handful of domesticated ducks and 2 geese who can’t fly are imprisoned behind the fence with yucky water. Not to mention the dozens of mallards, and 2 egrets. It’s cruel.

The county’s water well has run dry and they were filling the pond with water from the hydrant but that stopped a couple of months ago. It’s too expensive from what we were told. From what we understood the ponds neighbor is #Chemtronics and it also has a water well. Is their well deeper? Could they share a little water for the pond? #savetheGillepiefieldduckpond

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