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COVID-19 the facts and numbers

by Kevin Schrader

Just my thoughts ….
As of today there have been over 60-thousand deaths from COVID-19 in the United States.
For some perspective on this, consider the following:
58,220 Americans lost their lives in the Vietnam war between 1966 and 1973 (7-years)
38,800 Americans lost their lives in Auto Accidents in 2019 (1-year)

We have been tracking COVID-19 since March 1. And today marks less than 60 days since we started keeping track.
We now have an average of over 1-thousand Americans losing their lives Each DAY since we began tracking the Virus.

The average Boeing 737 holds 165 people. That’s equivalent to 6-plane crashes each day to get close to 1-thousand per day. We grounded the 737MAX after two crashes in one month.
We wouldn’t stand for these numbers under any other circumstances. We would be taking measures to Stop it, no matter what! So why do some people think we are ready to reopen the Country now?
I’m Done
Be Safe, please. You have a lot of control over someone losing their life from COVID-19.

1 thought on “COVID-19 the facts and numbers”

  1. The lockdown made sense when we thought we potentially had another instance similar to the 1918 Spanish Flu. The lockdown gave us time to fortify our Healthcare system and learn more about the virus. Turns out this virus isn’t nearly as deadly as the 1918 flu, we can effectively treat the sick and protect the vulnerable without shutting down the country. Look at Sweden.
    There are risks and costs to any actions we take. Ending the lockdown will result in deaths but is a cost of developing herd immunity. Continuing the lockdown will also result in deaths but also in the collapse of the US and thus the world economy. This could result in famine and death on a mass scale. Which is worse?

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