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Staying Connected in a Covid19 World

What a strange world we live in right now with Covid19. Follow along as a text message travels thousands of miles, but really only needed to go 100ft.

Tonight, I received a text message from my daughter, who lives ten miles away across town. It was a forwarded message from my neighbor next door.

Normally, Sue nextdoor, would just walk over, knock on my door, come in and tell me the info. But because of Covid19, she shouldn’t and after 25 years she’s lost our phone number. After all we just normally walk next door, if we have something to say.
So Sue’s late night solution was to text her daughter in Oregon, to get my daughters number, to text my daughter the info, so My daughter could text me the info. After, I got the message from my daughter, I confirmed it by texting Sue next door. You see I still have her phone number. Then, I texted my daughter what was decided. Confused yet?

Because of Covid19 that one message traveled over 2300 miles instead of a simple 100ft walk. Wow!

But all is good and tomorrow at 6pm the neighbors on my side the street will be dressed in fun colors and banging pots and pans while the lady across the street unknowingly stands out front in her yard with her little dog, as her family drives up and down the street in a parade. Happy 91st Birthday Gerry!

FYI more neighborhood strangeness!
Many decades apart, Gerry, Sue and I all went to the same very small grade school and high school. Gerry’s son and I were in the same class from kindergarten to 8th grade.
Let me just say, we don’t live anywhere near that childhood neighborhood. This kind of coincidence is more the norm, then the exception in this neighborhood. We “all” call it kinda creepy.

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