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Gardening in a Pandemic

My life motto: “What the heck, give it a try, the situation already sucks and you’ve got everything to gain.”

It seems with the current state of affairs worldwide Anyone Can Bike has temporarily morphed into Anyone Can Garden

A few days after I planted this little pepper plant, I accidentally broke him in half. His stem was crushed an bent. Most people would have thrown him out, but not me.
Innovative me, actually cheap, cheap me, decided to carefully straighten him out.
I delicately folded and wrapped scotch tape around him, then I splinted his little stem. I told myself he’ll probably die, but I’ll try anyway. What else is there to do? After all, I’m cheap and this is not the time to run to the store with the number of Covid19 cases quickly climbing upward here in SoCal.

Well it’s been a week. Not only is he still alive, I can see a little flower about to bloom. He survived and he’s thriving! .
I guess the moral of this story is, you may be broken, but don’t give up. Stand up, grow and succeed.
This isn’t my first attempt taping and splinting plants. Years ago my kids were playing in the yard and broke my newly planted tiny plum tree. Too afraid to say anything, they kinda propped it back up and wrapped the trunk in scotch tape, hoping I wouldn’t notice. A few days later, I noticed the leaves wilting. After I yelled at them and the neighbor kids (oh boy, did they get yelled at!) mostly for not saying anything and trying to cover up the problem, I thought, “I need to save this tree”. After all we couldn’t afford to buy another one.

The trunk was crushed and splintered. I could see thru the inside of it, it was so badly crushed. I wrapped it in wet paper towels, splinted it, then wrapped it in duct tape. After all duct tape fixes everything. It took that tree 10 years before it ever gave us a plum and you can still see the scar where it was broken. But more then the fruit, I like the tree for the memory. The kids learned a valuable lesson. “If you do something wrong, speak up, so it can be fixed, don’t hide it.” As for me, I learned, “what the heck, give it a try, the situation already sucks and you’ve got everything to gain.”

Gardening in a pandemic made me think. What would happen if I planted the root part of the green onion? Well you know what it sprouts a new onion!

What happens when you plant the unused portion on the celery stalk? Guess what? It grows more celery!

What happens when you plant the bottom of a romaine lettuce head? I don’t know yet, it hasn’t started growing! But it’s worth a try! What have I got to lose?

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