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My Cochlear Implant Diary of Thoughts

Totally not bike related but bare with me.

It’s amazing how our journeys differ and there’s no right or wrong. Some people want louder timers and louder clocks. I have a silent alarm clock that just shakes the heck out of me.

But just last week I said to myself, “why in the world does everything have loud sounding alerts?”

Why does the washer and dryer chime a song? Who needs that! Dear washer and dryer you know I going to just leave my clothes there and let everything get wrinkled.

Why does the refrigerator have an alarm when the door is open? Refrigerator, please shut up. Half my body and my head is in the fridge. I’m cleaning it. I know the door is open!

As for the computer, who knew the Apple laptop chime was so loud on powering up! Now the iPhone, and Watch, Apple will you please rethink all your functions. How about all alerts and sounds off until the user turns them on. That goes for the app and appliance builders too.

Why does the police helicopter circle extremely low blaring an announcement that NO ONE can understand. Mumble, mumble, black jacket!!!! Nearly everyone is wearing a black jacket, it’s cold out. Should we run, hid, take cover?? No we all just look up and continue what we we’re doing, Ignoring the alert/noise.

But I am very thankful I can hear fairly well now. It really is an amazing gift. ❤️I’m so blessed. I can even hear the conversations of the people in line behind me. (No I don’t care if you think your boyfriend is sleeping around).

I love my CI. It’s not perfect or normal hearing but I can hear. ❤️

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