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Biking across the USA (does an ebike count?)

Update on @Oregonsweed and @Stumblefoot_triker. The trek across 2600 miles is daunting for any able bodied person in their 20-40’s. But these guys are way over that. Their spirit of adventure and their strength for the challenges they face is amazing. 

Pedaling 40-60 miles a day, they are now over midway through Arizona. The Southern California mountains, were definitely a challenge for them. Then, the quick, fast, run down into the desert.

If you’ve never been to the California/Arizona/New Mexico desert area, it’s easy to explain what’s out there. Nothing! Just wind, heat and snakes. Yes, it’s fairly flat but it’s nasty and endless.

I would love to try a trek like theirs, but in my younger days, I didn’t have the time or money, I was always working. Then came the family. Now, I think I’d try it with the right biking buddy of course.

But I know my limitations. I’m younger then the those two guys but I’m not in trekking shape. I’m an eRecumbent trike gal. I sometimes spend my time commuting 40 miles around town dodging cars in traffic.. But mostly I pedal 10-20 miles for errands and work. I could definitely do 60 miles but remember I have an eRecumbent. I do like that “e” part. We have so many hills in California the e assist is a blessing.

Many say that’s not riding a bike. Well I will disagree. I was extremely sick for a few years and when I recovered I tried an ebike. There was no way I had the endurance to even ride a few blocks. I was severely out of shape, way over weight, not to mention I had so many fears and anxiety from being sick for so long. FYI doctors are seldom correct, I found out. Thankfully the years of pain and illness, turned out to be something very simple to fix, but I was exhausted from being was misdiagnosed. In other words I was turning into a basket case physically and mentally. Biking really helped me put myself back together again.

The eRecumbent I have is an ELF. It’s a dorky looking large orange solar power trike.  In the beginning even with the extra help from the on demand motor assist I could feel the burn after just 4-5 miles. Now I look back at that and smile as I pedal 10 miles just to go to dinner and another 10 to return home


My ELF is great for me for now. It has a trunk, horn, lights, and shade. I do have my eye on the Cat Villager recumbent trike with an e-assist add-on of course.

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