When is it time for new bike brake pads?

Well, my little Mango colored ELF trike, “Shelby” has had grinding brakes for a short while. I kept having to adjust the tension at the handle. That should have woke me up and told me that I needed new brake pads on my ELF. But no just like so many other people I didn’t bother to heed the first warning signs.

Then, add a couple of steep, long, down hill routes. I could smell the brakes burning too. I really think that finally did them in. But no, I didn’t even bother to fix them then. Oh I’ll just adjust the handle tension again.

Well, now I only have slowing power on the front brakes and only lots of grinding noise from the rear. Oh and I came close to hitting the rear bumper of a car, because I could only slow not stop.

Time for repairs. Up goes the garage door and out comes the tools.

Well, the front brakes definately needed new pads. They were really, really worn. But the back brake. I hate to admit it, but there was no pad at all. That grinding sound was metal on metal.

Thankfully, I didn’t do any real damage to the brakes by ignoring the problem for so long. But it wasn’t a smart or safe decision to wait so long before replaceing the pads and adjusting the brakes.

I’ll be checking these guys far more often. I have 1,440 miles on the brake pads. I probably should have at least checked them at 1,000 miles.

Basically, we all should play it safe and check them often.

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