Bike, ELF, PEBL, Trike

We’re making progress

I just took Georgie Girl out for a spin that wasn’t just around the block. Dang does she move. The same streets I pedaled Shelby on this morning and had to work to get to 20mph, Georgie and I zip right along hitting 25mph with a super ez pedal.

She does whine and sound like a jet engine though. Maybe after we put a trunk and dash lid on it won’t be so noisy inside the cab. A little more fixing and she’ll be ready to go.

At the Abilities Expo last weekend in Los Angeles we met a bike manufacturer for para athletes. She made Anyone Can Bike a fantastic offer. She’ll provide bikes and teach people how to ride them at any event we organize. How awesome. Now to get a regular recumbent vendor to do the same. It’s slow but we’re trying to get anyone who wants to bike the ability to bike.

We also found the first dockless rental bike in the town. I’m have mix opinions on them.

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