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Why I want an eTrike

Written by J Figueroa

As a VET, I understand that PTSD is not just about Vets, but Police, Fire, EMS, and First Responders. I can’t imagine coming to a minivan after a drunk t-boned them and a 4 year old is maimed and dead. Then going home and trying to sleep without the memory playing and playing and playing. Or showing up to a soccer game or other public even after some fool let off a bomb.

Getting off the couch and giving up the bottle and finding a reason to live through the horrors of life is a key to survival from PTSD. “Almost Sunrise” is a video that documents 2 Vets on their walk across the US. The goal, to find something worth living for.

After my Stroke, I am not  able to ride a 2 wheeler very well, I have always ridden my bike, now I am interested in Velos. I hope you people understand that getting on a bike and riding is not about going 31 or 35.7 MPH. It is about being able to ride after being paralyzed. Someday getting a Velo and riding it, is MY reason.

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